Teams LeBron could sign with

  1. Houston Rockets

This could be a good landing spot has lots of talent and he could conquer the Warriors plus Chris Paul and LeBron are great friends.

2. Philadelphia 76ers

This is also a really good team that he could potentially sign with and he definitely get more rings with this team. Also “THE PROCESS”!

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3. Los Angeles Lakers

This team has lots of young talent and LeBron could start out fresh and with the possibly of Paul George coming that makes their team equipped well when they get to the playoffs. But you well probably say Isaiah Thomas traded…… again.

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4. Cleveland Cavaliers

He might just stay with his own team and play there till he retires but I highly doubt it.  He wants to get more rings and Cleveland isn’t doing the bestB823563619Z.1_20170926063438_000_GR81V86LL.2_Super_Portrait